Links to other sites concerned with Climate Change Education

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Organisations involved in Climate Science Education

International Organisations:

IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change): This is the scientific body whose task is to collect data on Climate Change and to make recommendations to governments and to the UNFCCC (see below)

Assessment Reports and Special Reports are very thoroughly researched, but even the Summaries for Policy Makers are a bit impenetrable (perhaps part of the reason why policy-makers have been so slow to act?). Press releases are more readable: e.g. IPCC is the go-to source for information on climate change – unless you believe in conspiracy theories!

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): This is the U.N. body set up to negotiate 

and monitor inter-governmental action on Climate Change. It frequently releases press reports to the media: 

Climate News:

Carbon Brief: UK-based news on Climate issues, including daily Briefing.

The Conversation (UK): Independent news organisation including excellent sections on Environment, Science & Technology and more. Some good articles on Climate-related matters.

Inside Climate News: Good US-based Climate journal.


Climate Campaign Groups:

There are numerous groups campaigning for Climate Action, such as Friends of the Earth, The Climate Coalition, Campaign against Climate Change, Possible, Greenpeace, and more, many of them with active local groups, and easily found online. Many other organisations are seeking young people (especially) to help with a huge variety of environmental and sustainability projects. Many Local Authorities are actively seeking ways to achieve "net zero" targets, with help from such voluntary organisations. Find out more on your LA website or library.  

See also Action page in Menu.

Campaigns for Climate Education


1.  University of Reading (+ Partners in 2021 Climate Summit): Climate Education Action Plan:  


2.  Teach the Future: A student-led campaign to improve climate education in schools.

3. STEM Climate Change Educational Partnership: Do take the Survey!

4. Ministry of Eco-Education (MoEE): not so much a campaign group as a Schools Action group

   - teachers and schools "working in collaboration to place sustainability at the heart of education"  Also has some useful teaching resources.

5. Let's Go Zero National Campaign involving pupils, parents & staff, to get schools to Net Zero by 2030 - see also "Action" page

6. The National Education Nature Park & Climate Award Scheme:- see also "Action" page - see also "Action" page 

Links to Educational Resources & Articles of Interest: See Resources page.